"We are like a newborn entity, moulding itself against silence. Much like the human, our music search for its shape and relation to the surroundings."

Akmee is :

Erik Kimestad Pedersen - trumpet

Kjetil Jerve - piano

Andreas Mannila Wildhagen - drums

Erlend Olderskog Albertsen - bass








Akmee is a band shaped by the experimental spirits of 4 young men from the jazzscene in Oslo. Their music is founded on the power and liveliness of immediate improvisatory interplay, stretching the roles laid down by history. Touching upon the idioms of both jazz and contemporary music, Akmee delves into the personal and the collective to find new moods of truth. 


Debut album

Our debut album was released on Nakama records this summer, and we´re very happy with the result !


“Akmee isnt rushing on "Neptun", and fascinates with a music in a tug of war between the manageable and the apparently uncontrollable, with tamed turmoil and quivering energy in a flexible balance between the composed and the improvised.”

Chris Monsen, Klassekampen