RødssalG nEEn GlassdøR

07RødssalG nEEn GlassdøR.jpg

                          picture : Tommy Vaagen

RødssalG nEEn GlassdøR

For 50 light years, Parallel Opposite has prevented all creatures from raising their Understanding since the Big Upgrade from the 3rd to the 4th Dimension. Constantly accumulating Spacetime Fabrique from our 4th Dimension, Parallel Opposite is silently stealing the whole basis of existence. Observation deck #22 have concluded on the matter: the atoms which make up our physical world are being compressed, along with every soul within it, and if PO (Parallel Opposite) continues to accumulate Spacetime Fabrique, the future of the universe will be that of a black hole, the Terrible Dream of PO4.


Now travelling at the speed of light, the planet braces itself for its ultimate quest. Entering PO, Rødssalg Ne must find En GlassdøR, through which it can enter the 5th Dimension. Once inside, The Seekers of The Origin and all other beings on RødssalG nE must expand life on to other planets, thus repelling Parallel Opposite and preventing The Terrible Dream of PO4.




*Album release in October 2017*