RødssalG nEEn Glassdør

RødssalG nEEn GlassdøR

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                          art by Tommy Vaagen















RødssalG nEEn GlassdøR

Seekers of The Origin have managed to change the orbit of its planet ‘RødssalG nE’. With an increasing speed, RødssalG nE is approaching the borderline of 4th Dimension and life as we know it. Observation deck#22 have concluded that the atoms in our universe are being compressed and life is about to become a black hole. To save our 4dimensional reality, the Seekers Of The Origin need to understand Time, by transcending to the 5th dimension.


1000 years before now: The moon ‘Nano’ loses its orbit and disappears into Parallel Opposite. In an unknown manner it is able to return to 4 dimensional reality, but collides with RødssalG nE.

500 years before now: Time surpasses and the 4th dimension is on the brink of implosion. As a last resort the Seekers Of The Origin choose to put their faith in the rumor of The moon Nano and travels to the distant planet RødssalG nE in order to investigate the craters of the impact. Here they find particles from Nano, confirming the location of the portal to 5th dimension to be inside Parallel Opposite. They also find information about ‘The two Curtains’:

Curtain 1
Time unfolds backwards and forwards simultaneously
At the moment of entering Parallel Opposite, time is changed from one- to two-directional. You will therefore observe your life unfold in opposite directions from two different points. Before they meet it is advisable to leave Parallel Opposite.

Curtain 2
There is no separation between the physical and mental
Every imagination you make will also manifest physically. This is a very important but dangerous tool to achieving your goal.


Now: Acquiring the knowledge about the Portal to the 5th dimension and The Two Curtains the Seekers Of The Origin have prepared by perfecting their spacetime awareness and mind body control. Ready for their ultimate mission they travel on the planet RødssalG nE at the speed of light into Parallel Opposite. Before Time passes RødssalG nE has to find its portal to the 5th dimension, ‘En GlassdøR’.



Albertsen, Erlend Olderskog

Granseth, Nils Andreas

Jerve, Kjetil

Olsen, Martin Myhre

Pedersen, Erik Kimestad

Wildhagen, Andreas Mannila


Album will be released on Dugnad rec, 18th of January 2018